LA Canvas Magazine interviews Mona Kuhn about her new book "Private"

“It has one of the most beautiful lights I have ever seen. Its vast city spread gives a sense of freedom and an illusion that nothing is impossible. However, I could do without the underlying sense of impermanence.” If I hadn’t known she were talking about the city of Los Angeles, I might think Brazilian-born photographer Mona Kuhn was referring to some fleeting, mystique-landscape; where perfectly lit pillow palaces abound, ‘nude’ is never ‘naked,’ and it’s always one of those forgiving golden hours of the day. Then again, she has made her mark capturing those precious little whiles.


Mona Kuhn produces intimate images of colors. Although, it may be difficult to not first notice the undressed persons in her photographs. “I start my creative process by imagining colors… From there I tie in emotion, then location and last, the people. I might be working six months into a project before I find the right person to photograph.“She goes on to revere her collaborators, “It is a privilege for me to be able to photograph my close friends and extended family in the nude—honest and free. I photograph the nude as a natural essence of who we are.”


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January 31, 2014