The Public Catalogue Foundation (UK) Acquires several pieces by Mona Kuhn

Over the last few years the PCF has been photographing these paintings and collating information about each painting. In doing this it has been working closely with collections up and down the country. The PCF is now well over halfway through this project, having photographed nearly 110,000 paintings from over 1,600 collections. It expects to complete the digitisation programme by late 2012, funding permitting. 

Until recently, the PCF’s main focus was publishing a series of hard copy catalogues. Now its focus is turning to publishing online. Online access will allow users to search paintings by various criteria and view larger images, whilst collections will be able to update their painting records. Most importantly, it will give the PCF’s work a much larger and wider audience.

To achieve this aim, the PCF has entered into a partnership with the BBC to build the Your Paintings website. Together the two organisations are about to radically improve the public’s awareness of the oil paintings they own but, in most cases, cannot see. Your Paintings will launch in the summer of 2011.

June 24, 2011