Andrew Bush

Andrew Bush, Patt Morrison and Jeff Rosenheim, 2008

Publisher: Yale University Press.

ISBN: 978-0300136487

Dimensions: 12.4 x 11.3 x 0.7 inches

Pages: 146

"A meditation on character, class, [and] the human condition, precarious at any speed." -Cathleen Medwick, O, the Oprah Magazine

"Even with nothing but glass separating us from our fellow drivers, we like to believe we''re invisible when we take the wheel. Andrew Bush''s Drive proves how hilariously wrong that assumption can be and how oblivious-but also how at peace-most of us look once we step into our cars and shut the door." -Richard B. Woodward, Wall Street Journal

Product Description
The culture of cars is an inseparable part of American life. Whether used for functional purposes or recreation, automobiles are expressions of our personality. They also represent the American ideals of freedom, mobility, and independence, providing a unique personal space that is at once private and public.
Andrew Bush (b. 1956) examines this tension between private and public in his remarkable series of photographs of individuals driving cars in and around Los Angeles—a city famous for its car culture. By attaching a camera to the passenger side window, Bush made these pictures while driving alongside his subjects—often traveling at 60 mph. Taking notes on the speed and direction he was going, Bush created extended captions for the images and called the series Vector Portraits. Published here for the first time, this portfolio is accompanied by an essay by culture critic Patt Morrison and an interview between the photographer and Jeff L. Rosenheim that discusses the Vector Portraits in the context of Bush’s photography as a whole.