LeRoy Grannis

Photo: Grannis: Surfing's Golden Age, 1960-1969
Brad Barrett, 1998

Publisher: The Surfer's Journal.

ISBN: 978-0966377101

Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 1 inches

Pages: 223

This is the first book of its type ever published: a large format coffee-table monograph, focused on one of the most remarkable decades in the evolution of surfing, featuring the photography of one of its primary chroniclers; and Granny, being one of our most beloved surf photographer grand daddies, is richly deserving of the attention. As edited by Brad Barrett, who infused issues of late-¦60s Surfer with his deft and precise take on surf soul, Photo: Grannis mixes the qualities of a scholarly tome with a taste of irreverent scat, in the process becoming a revealing look back for those who didn¦t make the scene, and a sentimental journey for those of us who did.