Massimo Vitali

Artist's Opening Reception: Saturday, March 15 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

M+B is pleased to present the second exhibition in Los Angeles of large-scale color work by internationally respected Italian photographer MASSIMO VITALI.


Massimo Vitali continues to add to his acclaimed oeuvre of large-scale color works depicting people at play, masses at leisure. Photographing beach scenes, popular ski locations, and tourist destinations, we are able to see ourselves with the perspective of distance as we interact with our environment. Massimo Vitali began his career as a photojournalist and in 1994 went on to pursue his own vision. Working with large format cameras and positioning himself 20 feet above ground level on a human tripod, he began to create the images we now recognize as uniquely his: open landscapes and the social dynamics played out on them. Vitali turns his eye to landscapes of leisure, places meant for enjoyment, where people do not have all their defenses up. What we see in Vitali's landscapes are microcosms of our society, and they reveal to us the commonalities across nations and cultures. From the beaches of Brazil and Sicily, to the ski slopes of the Alps, this becomes evident: our essential human qualities and how we choose to spend our time


Massimo Vitali has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries internationally, and his work is included in the some the most important private and public collections. This is Massimo Vitali's second solo exhibition at M+B.